Book Name: CORE REALITY: Volume 5 Control Subject

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Adam has grown up in an ultra-tech society hidden deep underground. When a mysterious girl helps him discover that he is part of a deadly genetics experiment and that the topside world is not what he had been told, he must escape his malevolent handlers and search for answers above.

My Opinion: Picked this book for thriller thursday and couldn’t keep it down since then. I was highly famished by the amount of uncertainty this book holds, you are aware of the author’s next move and it’s undoubtedly very well built and to my surprise it’s beguiling in a particular way. This book couldn’t be categorised in a single stream or genre, I rather believe drama, mystery and a story of an coming age is mixed in equal proportions. The prop is so good and so are the characters.

Good and Bad: I certainly enjoyed that’s it’s uncertain, there is nothing bad about it for sure.

My favorites from the book:
I loved the writing style, very simple and fun. Even if I give this book this my 11 Y/O nephew he can read it too, so it’s dark yet it’s easy.

Target Audience: It is meant for all suspense lovers, indeed a book that will make you fall for lies.

What to expect: An unpredictable plot, a good writing and a lot of twists here and there.

Final verdict: I think there is nothing bad about it, I genuinely loved it and I wish I read more of such books and it was a successful thriller tuesday. My heart swells to say, I thoroughly liked it.

Rating: 5 /5


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