Book Name: Mommy Loves You When

Genre: Children’s book/ illustrated

Summary: A very cheerful and wonderful story that depicts the most purest form of love. Something that lit my eyes and heart with joy.

My Opinion: I recently read this book to my kiddo and he loved it and I loved it too. It’s not just for kids but for parents too. Only a mother can love her child unconditionally and I loved the way it was expressed. A very fun children’s read meant for all kids and a book that will really bring your kids into reading.

Good and Bad: I loved the lovely illustrations and I the conversations that conveyed a very beautiful and deep message in a very simple way.

My favorites from the book: I really liked how friendly, fun yet interesting it is. I loved the mommy and kid’s relationship so much. I was deeply moved.

Target Audience: 5+ kids will truly enjoy it. It’s a great bedtime story which can be read all over again and again.

What to expect: Emotions and joyful bonds with many lessons.

Final verdict: I will surely suggest this book to almost everyone, such a feel good book that will deeply make you happy.

Rating: 5 /5


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