Book Name: The Mechanical Maestro

Genre: Sci-fi/ Fantasy

Summary: London, 1857. Brothers George and Douglas Abernathy are clockmakers who are barely scraping a living in their family’s shop. They are also brilliant inventors with a sideline building custom-built androids and other technology ahead of its time. Their sixteen-year-old sister, Molly, is also a genius, specialising in transformative plant biology, but earns her keep by sewing. The Abernathys’ fortunes improve dramatically when the brothers invent a clockwork automaton composer named Maestro, whose musical artistry takes London by storm. But there are those who believe Maestro is a fake, and others who think him a monstrosity. As Maestro tries to make sense of the world of London’s high-society which he is thrown into, he incites the interest of sinister figures who would go to any lengths to discover what makes him tick.

My Opinion: I loves this book so much that I narrated it to my little one too. This is a blissful read that made me relive the days where I had that passion to go after my dreams. This is a story which explores so many elements, emotions and lives that were lived in different forms. The plot is set in a setting which demands a vintage feel and the author did justice to the writing and the story that her words just immersed in me while I read it.

Good and Bad: The best thing is definitely the Abernathy bloodline, it’s all in the genes and hardwork and the magic that comes along.

My favorites from the book:
All of them have a place in my heart but George is one of my most favorite character, I can relate so much with him, he left a mark in my heart.

Target Audience: It’s an entertaining sci-fi that has a touch of fantasy, so it’s meant for anyone and everyone.

What to expect: Fantasy, emotions and the power of science.

Final verdict: This is my favourite read of the month so for sure I’d recommend it to my fellow book lovers.

Rating: 5 /5


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