Book Name: Core Reality: Volume 3: Dark Awakening

Genre: Sci-fi/ thriller

Summary: Jack “Coach” Taylor returns from an unsuccessful mission on Mars to help investigate a string of suspicious accidents and suspected sabotage. When the feisty daughter of a missing psychologist helps reveal a secret mind-control program that strikes too close to home, Coach is forced to choose between family and duty.

My Opinion: It was a good week because I finally read the last book in the series. I was so excited to get started with it. The story runs around fabulous plot that’s filled with twists and turns throughout. It has a backdrop that has the capacity to surprise all sorts of readers. I really had a very good time reading it.

Good and Bad: For me the turns were so well instilled. I truly liked how from the very start the book runs on motive.

My favorites from the book: It’s truly a plot driven plus a character driven story that will have your attention. So my favorite part has to be the start and the ending.

Target Audience: This book is meant for readers who enjoy thrillers, sci-fi and stories that have the power to play with your mind. 15+ readers will enjoy it.

What to expect: Fun, drama, thrill, science backdrop and a little bit of fantasy.

Final verdict: I would say, go for it without a second thought. I can’t wait to read more books from the author.

Rating: 5 /5


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