Book review: The Copper Chevalier

Book Name: The Copper Chevalier

Genre: Sci-fi

Summary: For George and Douglas Abernathy, life is on the up. Their new android-building business is thriving and they are set to move from their clockmaker’s shop in Soho to a spectacular country mansion.

Then, the bombastic General Brassington forces the brothers to create a mechanical soldier to help quell the Indian Mutiny. The resulting steam-powered, clockwork soldier is promptly shipped to India.

The soldier’s mission is clear, he must subdue the rebellious sepoys and uphold the British Empire’s interests. But after becoming embroiled in the struggle, he’s no longer certain who the true enemy is. When the soldier uncovers a plot that could turn the tide of the conflict and alter the nature of warfare, he must decide where his loyalty lies.

Meanwhile, Molly, the brothers’ botanist teenage sister, faces her own challenges while trying to create her dream garden at the family’s new home…

My Opinion: Finally was able to read this fantastic sequel. This is the second book in my favorite Abernathy series. The last book witnessed a lot of struggles and hardships but now finally is the time to see your favorite characters in a happy place. There is a very big transformation that’s taking place in this one and it’s very wonderful to watch it with a lot of twists that will leave you surprised. I’m totally in love with it.

Good and Bad: I was waiting for it come out, the best part is the new world that’s been created and it doesn’t have any bad part as such.

My favorites from the book: The very astonishing language and culture that’s shown, it’s mild but noticeable.

Target Audience: It’s meant for all sci-fi lovers, period drama lovers and people who want a great read that will take them to a new journey.

What to expect: Fun, transformation, drama, challenges and new beginnings.

Final verdict: It’s truly something that shouldn’t be missed. Yes it can be read as a standalone too.

Rating: 5 /5


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