Book Review: The 1st Assassin: A Unit 22 Thriller

Genre: Thriller

Blurb: I once worked for the government, going into missions that never officially happened, killing enemies we never officially killed. They gave me a bunch of medals, partly for doing my job well, mostly to keep my mouth shut.

I still work for the government, but now I ride a desk, barely tolerated by my boss, barely tolerating myself. My world is turned upside down when I am put on a task force investigating an assassination plot against the US President.

Nothing is as it seems, the enemy always seems to be one step ahead of us, and I must keep myself and those I care about alive long enough to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.

My Opinion: Woah! In my opinion this the best thriller I read in a while. I was in reading slump and I was wanting to read something that will re ignite my love for reading and this is the book which got me into reading again. It’s futuristic, boom bashing and admirably a block buster read for me.

Good and Bad: Really appreciate the writing, the thrill that was maintained, the moments that turned the story upside down are my favourite and, author Mainak has a thing in his writing and knows how to suprise his readers.

My favorites from the book: My favourite character is Adi, I was glued to see what he does in those created situations and I’m truly fan gurling now!!

Target Audience: 14+ onwards will enjoy it. A book that got me spy comic vibes too.

What to expect: Great plot, unpredictable storyline and well built suspense.

Final verdict: I will whole heatedly suggest to all my fellow book lovers and friends.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Review: The Rise of Riverstone

Genre: Fiction (mild action and fantasy)

Summary: Praed is a country of vast prairies and looming mountains where the elite make their homes along a mighty river. For hundreds of years, to wear the crown is to tempt fate, for in Praed, any man may become king if he’s strong enough.

Laria Audrey lives in privilege as the daughter of a famous knight, until one night she’s ripped from her bed to find that her entire life has gone up in flames. Forced to serve those responsible, Laria pretends to be deaf and mute to survive. But when days turn to weeks, Laria loses hope of awakening from the nightmare and must admit she’s truly alone.

When her sworn enemy approaches her with a shocking proposition, Laria must decide if she’ll resign herself to misery or become the hero she never believed she could be.

My Opinion: I love reading tales of heroic women who clear their path and do the good, they give me chills and make me feel like I’m one them too. This is basically the first book in the series and I remember reading this book when I was personally having a rough time in my life, this is truly the most interesting and well written fiction I read that was also very uplifting. I not just enjoyed it, I actually lived the story.

Good and Bad: The best part was the characters, Laria and all the other even evil ones were brought to life so well. I feel the author worked so much on her characters that is very significant in her writing too.

My favorites from the book: Besides being a fictional tale, it’s book that left me with many take aways, my favourite one is often in life we don’t realise our own powers but doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

Target Audience: 14+ onwards will enjoy it. A story that brings so many emotions while reading and of course it’s a long read but reading it felt like watching a series with episodes.

What to expect: Great and well weaved characters, strong themes, major fantasy vibes and very well written.

Final verdict: I will whole heatedly suggest to all my fellow book lovers, fantasy lovers and people who wanna read something clam yet fierce.

Rating: 5 /5

Book review: The Copper Chevalier

Book Name: The Copper Chevalier

Genre: Sci-fi

Summary: For George and Douglas Abernathy, life is on the up. Their new android-building business is thriving and they are set to move from their clockmaker’s shop in Soho to a spectacular country mansion.

Then, the bombastic General Brassington forces the brothers to create a mechanical soldier to help quell the Indian Mutiny. The resulting steam-powered, clockwork soldier is promptly shipped to India.

The soldier’s mission is clear, he must subdue the rebellious sepoys and uphold the British Empire’s interests. But after becoming embroiled in the struggle, he’s no longer certain who the true enemy is. When the soldier uncovers a plot that could turn the tide of the conflict and alter the nature of warfare, he must decide where his loyalty lies.

Meanwhile, Molly, the brothers’ botanist teenage sister, faces her own challenges while trying to create her dream garden at the family’s new home…

My Opinion: Finally was able to read this fantastic sequel. This is the second book in my favorite Abernathy series. The last book witnessed a lot of struggles and hardships but now finally is the time to see your favorite characters in a happy place. There is a very big transformation that’s taking place in this one and it’s very wonderful to watch it with a lot of twists that will leave you surprised. I’m totally in love with it.

Good and Bad: I was waiting for it come out, the best part is the new world that’s been created and it doesn’t have any bad part as such.

My favorites from the book: The very astonishing language and culture that’s shown, it’s mild but noticeable.

Target Audience: It’s meant for all sci-fi lovers, period drama lovers and people who want a great read that will take them to a new journey.

What to expect: Fun, transformation, drama, challenges and new beginnings.

Final verdict: It’s truly something that shouldn’t be missed. Yes it can be read as a standalone too.

Rating: 5 /5

Rapid interview with author Emily Owen, greetings Ma’am, hope you are doing great.

Know The Book:

1) Please introduce your book quickly.

The Mechanical Maestro is set in 1850’s London. It follows three genius siblings, George, Douglas and Molly, whose lives are turned upside down after George makes a bet with a nobleman that he can build an automaton composer.

2) What is the main theme of your book.

There are several main themes in the book, including bonds between siblings, attitudes towards AIs (even if they’re analogue AIs, in this case), social class, and – of course – music.

3) What challenges you faced while writing it?

As this was my first serious attempt at a novel, I experienced a persistent feeling of doubt as I was writing it about whether I could A) finish it and B) whether anyone would want to read it. Thankfully, the answer was yes in both cases!

4) What is the thought process behind writing it?

I usually start with a particular character and build the story around them. In this case I not only wanted to introduce my sibling trio, but the android Maestro as a character too.

5) What category the book falls in?

The book is steampunk historical fiction, but also falls under the YA and fantasy genres.

6) What is the target audience for book?

The novel will appeal to fans of historical fiction, steampunk, music lovers and engineers alike.

7) Who was the inspiration behind your writing journey?

I showed the first version of the novel to a colleague, and it was her encouragement that made me decide to try and publish it.

8) How is your books beneficial to the readers?

I’d like to hope that the book inspires readers to believe in pursuing that special thing that makes them tick – whether that’s inventing, breeding plants, writing stories or anything really!

Know The Author:

1) When did you start writing?

I’ve been scribbling stories for as long as I can remember, although I only seriously started trying to write full-length novels whilst studying at university.

2) When was the moment you decided to write a book?

It was during my final year of studying for my English degree. I was writing the novel alongside my dissertation about representations of androids in nineteenth-century literature!

3) Are you a reader yourself?

I am! My book collection takes up an entire wall of shelves.

4) What is the book you read recently?

I’m currently working my way through the Flashman series. The series is quite a raunchy romp through the military conflicts of the Victorian era, but the books are a tour de force of historical fiction writing.

5) Who is your favorite author?

It’s hard to choose a favourite, although I’m very fond of Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie and Jane Austen.

6) What are your preferable genres for writing and reading?

I like to both read and write historical fiction – often with a steampunk or fantasy element. I also enjoy Victorian novels, sci-fi and fantasy, and murder mysteries.

7) Share a happy moment during a book launch!

When the first box of my newly-printed books arrived on my doorstep, and I got to hold my book in my hands for the first time.

8) What are your hobbies and interests?

Alongside writing, I’ve always loved drawing – including sketching my characters. I enjoy photography, nature walking and baking. I also have an interest in history, and love watching documentarise on a range of periods and cultures.

Thanks for joining, hope you had fun!

I certainly did!

Book Name: Core Reality: Volume 3: Dark Awakening

Genre: Sci-fi/ thriller

Summary: Jack “Coach” Taylor returns from an unsuccessful mission on Mars to help investigate a string of suspicious accidents and suspected sabotage. When the feisty daughter of a missing psychologist helps reveal a secret mind-control program that strikes too close to home, Coach is forced to choose between family and duty.

My Opinion: It was a good week because I finally read the last book in the series. I was so excited to get started with it. The story runs around fabulous plot that’s filled with twists and turns throughout. It has a backdrop that has the capacity to surprise all sorts of readers. I really had a very good time reading it.

Good and Bad: For me the turns were so well instilled. I truly liked how from the very start the book runs on motive.

My favorites from the book: It’s truly a plot driven plus a character driven story that will have your attention. So my favorite part has to be the start and the ending.

Target Audience: This book is meant for readers who enjoy thrillers, sci-fi and stories that have the power to play with your mind. 15+ readers will enjoy it.

What to expect: Fun, drama, thrill, science backdrop and a little bit of fantasy.

Final verdict: I would say, go for it without a second thought. I can’t wait to read more books from the author.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: Core Reality: Volume 2: Fortuna Encounter

Genre: Thriller/ sci-fi

Summary: Captain Alyx “Flash” Gordon is a washed-out Mars Defense Command veteran assigned to a remote asteroid mining facility where he must face the man that ended his career. With the help of a mysterious gift and new allies, his search for a missing investigator uncovers a civilization-ending conspiracy if Flash and his team should fail.

My Opinion: An absolute pleasure to read this book by one of my favorite authors. This amazing duo made sure to keep the audience and readers very much gripped and it actually pulled me back on my seat very often while I was drenched in its world buildings, I took me some more time because I was very much into details this time. As the book is about amazing small conspiracies and details. I truly had a very memorable time with it.

Good and Bad: I find the characters an absolute ‘Cherry on Cake’ for because nevertheless, they bought so much of life and thrill to the story, I was at times left speechless.

My favorites from the book:

I would say I loved how it begins, so yes it started on such a power packed note that changed the total vibe of the storyline.

Target Audience: Anyone who loves thrillers, sci-fi and captivating stories will enjoy this for sure. You can read this independently even though it’s a part of a series.

What to expect: Thrill, surprises and a lots of twists.

Final verdict: It’s very unpredictable, it’s detailed and enjoyable. I had a great time reading it. I will surely suggest it to my fellow book lovers.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: The Mechanical Maestro

Genre: Sci-fi/ Fantasy

Summary: London, 1857. Brothers George and Douglas Abernathy are clockmakers who are barely scraping a living in their family’s shop. They are also brilliant inventors with a sideline building custom-built androids and other technology ahead of its time. Their sixteen-year-old sister, Molly, is also a genius, specialising in transformative plant biology, but earns her keep by sewing. The Abernathys’ fortunes improve dramatically when the brothers invent a clockwork automaton composer named Maestro, whose musical artistry takes London by storm. But there are those who believe Maestro is a fake, and others who think him a monstrosity. As Maestro tries to make sense of the world of London’s high-society which he is thrown into, he incites the interest of sinister figures who would go to any lengths to discover what makes him tick.

My Opinion: I loves this book so much that I narrated it to my little one too. This is a blissful read that made me relive the days where I had that passion to go after my dreams. This is a story which explores so many elements, emotions and lives that were lived in different forms. The plot is set in a setting which demands a vintage feel and the author did justice to the writing and the story that her words just immersed in me while I read it.

Good and Bad: The best thing is definitely the Abernathy bloodline, it’s all in the genes and hardwork and the magic that comes along.

My favorites from the book:
All of them have a place in my heart but George is one of my most favorite character, I can relate so much with him, he left a mark in my heart.

Target Audience: It’s an entertaining sci-fi that has a touch of fantasy, so it’s meant for anyone and everyone.

What to expect: Fantasy, emotions and the power of science.

Final verdict: This is my favourite read of the month so for sure I’d recommend it to my fellow book lovers.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: Mommy Loves You When

Genre: Children’s book/ illustrated

Summary: A very cheerful and wonderful story that depicts the most purest form of love. Something that lit my eyes and heart with joy.

My Opinion: I recently read this book to my kiddo and he loved it and I loved it too. It’s not just for kids but for parents too. Only a mother can love her child unconditionally and I loved the way it was expressed. A very fun children’s read meant for all kids and a book that will really bring your kids into reading.

Good and Bad: I loved the lovely illustrations and I the conversations that conveyed a very beautiful and deep message in a very simple way.

My favorites from the book: I really liked how friendly, fun yet interesting it is. I loved the mommy and kid’s relationship so much. I was deeply moved.

Target Audience: 5+ kids will truly enjoy it. It’s a great bedtime story which can be read all over again and again.

What to expect: Emotions and joyful bonds with many lessons.

Final verdict: I will surely suggest this book to almost everyone, such a feel good book that will deeply make you happy.

Rating: 5 /5

Book review: Core Reality Volume 1 Centennial Guard

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Twenty-year-old Eli is conflicted over serving the founding fathers who conspire against the same British Empire his parents died fighting for in the French and Indian War, until a mysterious girl helps him travel to another time and place where he must save the future and the past from an ancient evil that grows in the shadows of liberty.

My Opinion: This truly was such a fast-paced yet fascinating read for me. I rarely read mysterious stories because most of the time they disappoint me but it was so different with this book. It’s a YA mystery but not usual, the storyline is based before the 18th century which makes very gripping especially for eager and enthusiastic readers. Chapter after chapter the chain of events lead to something that was unexpected and it kept me on my seat till the end. I did not lose interest from the story even for a moment. I really appreciate the authors for writing something so different and strong.

Good and Bad: I certainly loved the characters, Eli is my favourite for obvious and I adore how well crafted each were.

My favorites from the book:

The fact that it was so unpredictable and uncertain, makes it more special and I have had formed an indestructible connection with story which makes me love it even more.

Target Audience: Anyone who loves stories with twist, a historical fiction lover would love it too.

What to expect: Twists, uncertainty and touch of history all over.

Final verdict: I would not stop recommending it. I have also read the Volume 5 of the same series and loved it even more. You should certainly get your hands on them asap!

Rating: 4 /5

Book Name: CORE REALITY: Volume 5 Control Subject

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Adam has grown up in an ultra-tech society hidden deep underground. When a mysterious girl helps him discover that he is part of a deadly genetics experiment and that the topside world is not what he had been told, he must escape his malevolent handlers and search for answers above.

My Opinion: Picked this book for thriller thursday and couldn’t keep it down since then. I was highly famished by the amount of uncertainty this book holds, you are aware of the author’s next move and it’s undoubtedly very well built and to my surprise it’s beguiling in a particular way. This book couldn’t be categorised in a single stream or genre, I rather believe drama, mystery and a story of an coming age is mixed in equal proportions. The prop is so good and so are the characters.

Good and Bad: I certainly enjoyed that’s it’s uncertain, there is nothing bad about it for sure.

My favorites from the book:
I loved the writing style, very simple and fun. Even if I give this book this my 11 Y/O nephew he can read it too, so it’s dark yet it’s easy.

Target Audience: It is meant for all suspense lovers, indeed a book that will make you fall for lies.

What to expect: An unpredictable plot, a good writing and a lot of twists here and there.

Final verdict: I think there is nothing bad about it, I genuinely loved it and I wish I read more of such books and it was a successful thriller tuesday. My heart swells to say, I thoroughly liked it.

Rating: 5 /5