Book review: The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons

Genre: Children’s book/ illustrated

Summary: Mahalia and Malcolm know that they do not belong to the typical African American family, but that doesn’t stop them from loving their family and just being kids. After their home is invaded by a masked stranger, the siblings set off on a brave and daring adventure to rescue their family. Plunged into an incredible battle to save the family, the kids struggle with the normal fears and anxieties, but they soon discover the enormous range of their superpowers! They also discover incredible secrets about their family: like Douglass: the family’s robot and RedTail1, the family’s aircraft. The most important discovery they uncover is the courage that it takes to keep a superhero family together.

My Opinion: Woah! My goodness it’s an entertaining children’s book but a lot to learn from it. I never thought a story can be this thoughtful and sweet indeed. I read this to kiddo and my niece and they loved it too. It’s a story about truth, care and what it takes to protect. I totally loved it.

Good and Bad: Did I mention that the illustrations are top notch, filled with eye catching colors they add life to the story. It’s very attractive and creative. A book that will cheer everyone.

My favorites from the book: Mahalia and Malcolm of course.

Target Audience: 8+ age group will enjoy it but adults who read comics like me will love it too. A swoon worthy read.

What to expect: Fun, life lessons and a great time with it.

Final verdict: I will whole heatedly suggest to all my fellow book lovers and friends.

Rating: 5 /5


Book review: Out of the Shadow

Out of the Shadow

Genre: Fiction

Summary: Lori is a highly acclaimed psychologist running an innovative anorexia clinic, with a devoted husband and two adorable children. But her fairy-tale existence comes to an abrupt end when a blow-up with a client and a mysterious upcoming event force her to face the demons of her past. Lori identifies with her clients in a literal sense when she bravely chooses to embark on her own therapeutic journey by entering psychotherapy.

My Opinion: If you ask me, I was deeply involved into the book. I felt very much connected, specially to Lori and the client that turns things crazy because we carry a burden of the past and we live with it, try to make peace with it but that’s not how things work, they keep playing in our head and it becomes too difficult to deal with it. It’s such a deeply moving and a thrilling tale. It’s about the darkness, fear, mystery and hope that’s there but you need to find it. I surely loved it and I find it very relatable.

Good and Bad: I loved Lori as a character, her roles are different throughout the book but it’s certain that she will add value to your life.

My favorites from the book: The book put forward two themes, a story that’s so mysterious and a story that’s so moving and I loved the mix-up of both. It will teach you to consider your thoughts.

Target Audience: Everyone who loves fast paced, thrilling stories. Anyone who enjoys emotional yet suspenseful plot.

What to expect: Thrill, emotions, dark mental themes and mind bending concepts.

Final verdict: I find it so good and meaningful yet a picturesque tale. I will surely suggest it to all my fellow book lovers.

Rating: 5 /5

Book review: Ascension’s Reckoning:The Iyarri Chronicles

Book Name: Ascension’s Reckoning:
The Iyarri Chronicles Book 3

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: As autumn fades to bitter winter, Aurelia is running out of time to follow Lucien, Aamon, and the others to the distant northern mountains where the long-lost Rior sanctuary lies hidden. An ethereal beast and dangerous storms bar the way . . . but so does the shard of memory lodged in Aurelia’s heart. Reliving her mother’s murder, she now sees herself rotting before her own eyes, unable to sleep, unable to focus her riore.

When she finally reaches the secluded valley, the truth of why the Rior have stayed hidden for a millennium is worse than anything she could have imagined. Aurelia must use her forbidden blood and the powers that come with it to save those she loves, right ancient wrongs, and close the wound that has plagued Iyarri society since the Night of Bloody Feathers.

My Opinion: Bang Bang!! Finally I completed the book with a bang, undoubtedly this is the best series I read in the recent times. With everything we all were going through, this book provided me with pleasure, joy, excitement and adventure. The story run deep and took me to places I wouldn’t have travelled either ways, I was astonished and thrilled by Aurelia’s journey from the very beginning. Again, cheers and thanks to the author for giving us a masterpiece.

Good and Bad: There are many good things, firstly the chronicles with kept me hooked. The characters and certainly butter like narration.

My favorites from the book:

The feeling of being in a magical world is the favorite thing about reading it. It feel so real, in and out! Goshh!

Target Audience:

Definitely peeps who enjoy fantasy books and anyone who loves reading adventurous tales. You definitely need to read the previous books in the series and then get to this one.

What to expect: Adventure, magic and thrill.

Final verdict: I will surely suggest it, as a matter of fact this is one of the best endings the series could have.

Rating: 4.7 /5

Book Review: Pamplemousse

Genre: Children’s book/ illustrated

Summary: Pamplemousse is a tale about a surf-loving goat whose emotional journey shows children what it means to persevere and stay true to yourself.

Vibrant illustrations and the adorable Pamplemousse keep readers engaged.

My Opinion: I really loved the entire concept of the story. I have been reading children’s books to my kiddo but this has to be special because we loved it so much that I have been reading it to my kiddo every night before bed. This is a strong story, which will teach your children an important life lesson, it’s presented in a very easy way so everyone will understand it and I’m sure everyone will love it, especially your kids and their moms too! Haha!

Good and Bad: The cover is really amazing, the illustrations are so beautiful and colorful, I fell in love with how the entire book is designed.

My favorites from the book:
I loved how the author gives away the message of not giving up and it will also teach the readers that being the way they’re is fine, being out of the box is the new cool!

Target Audience: 2 – 8 years but I do think this book has something important to take away no matter how old are you, everyone will love it.

What to expect: Expect drama, fun and life lessons and also expect to meet fun characters, haha!

Final verdict: I think it’s totally a worthy read and my experience with it was so good. I think every kid should read it.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: Teague Wars: Phase 1: The Brotherhood

Genre: Fiction

Summary: On the streets of Assassin City, Franco Mancini and two fellow orphans struggle to survive. In a city known for taking, they are given little to pilferage to stave off hunger. Their trying times come to an end when Franco and several members from an organization known as the Brotherhood cross paths. He seizes the opportunity to join their ranks and is rescued from his unfortunate upbringing. As he explores his country of Osiren, he is forced to determine the boundaries of his own moral compass while navigating the uncertain waters of his new group.

My Opinion: A book have never been this intresting, it follows the story of Franco along with two fellow companions, this is not just a story of livelihood but it’s indeed a great story of survival, when you read it, you get from the scratch and you know Franco is going to take you to places you never knew existed. I am flabbergasted especially by how the world buildings took place and how chapter after chapter you are more glued towards it.

Good and Bad: The best thing for me that worked so well, is world buildings, of course keeping the central characters in mind, I have pre assumed a lot of things but loved how things went a level higher than I thought. I don’t think there is something bad about the book, I just cannot find a fault, lol!

My favorites from the book:

It’s a very huge book, the one thing that I loved the most was, it’s very well crafted and it’s very organized so of course if you’re a beginner, I’m sure it will not confuse you at all.

Target Audience: It’s for 14+ audience for anyone who loves reading books that take you to a new level of imagination with a bit of reality and a whole new level of happenings, the combination is epic.

What to expect: Expect drama, pain, gothic vibes, unique plot and majorly world buildings that will make you wonder about the characters and places and the situations they’re going through.

Final verdict: I am highly impressed by the way it went, I couldn’t expect more, this is the second time I am reading a book by the author and I see a clear level up. I will for sure suggest it, if you’re braver and adventurous with a heart this is for you.

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: Sammy’s Song

Genre: Children’s book/ illustrated

Summary: Cicadas sing a powerful and beautiful song, but what happens when one cicada cannot sing as well as the other cicadas? Follow the story of Sammy, a cicada who has been excluded from singing with his chorus. With the help of a friend, Sammy must face criticism and his own self-doubt in order to pursue what he loves.

My Opinion: What a fantastic picture book it is, a book that teaches children a lot of qualities like self confidence, self love and acceptance. I am in love with it. The story is so well crafted and I also loved how beautifully author potrays the confidence that comes from a true friend. I am a big fan of the concept and the characters.

Good and Bad: The best thing about the book is it’s so well illustrated and so well written. It’s very colorful and leaves an everlasting impact on not just children but also adults. There is a lot to learn from it even as an adult you should definitely read it.

My favorites from the book:

Kate is definitely my most favorite character besides the protagonist Sammy, this book is hope for every kid out there who feels different and left out.

Target Audience: 3 – 8 years but I genuinely feel even adults should read it.

What to expect: Expect a lot of fun, adventure and characters who will leave an impact on you and your kids. Also, a lot of values that come out of the story naturally.

Final verdict: I’m in love with it. It’s a book that should be read by all atleast once.

Rating: 5 /5

Book review

Book Name: The Prophecy (Tales of Elhaanai Book 2)

Genre: Fiction

Summary: Alric triggers an ancient relic, a sword with a gem imbued with power in its hilt, he hopes by wielding it he will become the man, the KING, everyone wants him to be. Sadly his desperation has the opposite effect, unleashing a wave of darkness that drags him down a path of unavoidable pain.

Their mothers died believing in it, Devona paid the price trying to stop it, Alric may die if he doesn’t surrender to it.

The Prophecy has become the driving force behind every action on both sides of the conflict, balance will be restored or lost completely. Battle lines are being drawn, a step on the wrong side may cost your life.

My Opinion: Inky pinky ponky, would you mind reading a book which is interesting and funky? This is it, after getting into the first book in the series, I was so curious to know what goes in the next one, so as soon as this book came out, I jumped into it right away and to my superise it turned out more amazing than I thought it would be! It’s captivating as well it goes beyond the box to make it readers wonder!

Good and Bad: I loved the character building and choice of words used, I would say, basically the language is more precise and very enthralling!

My favorites from the book:

Prophecy of course, the entire book has to be my favorite!

Target Audience: The book is meant for all, especially for readers who are eager and inquisitive, there are a lot of happenings in the story so you need to tighten up your seat belt and wait for adventures.

What to expect: Fun, adventure, twists and ups and downs.

Final verdict: I absolutely loved it and it was a treat for me as a reader.

Rating: 4 /5

Witch Tale: A Bewitching Brew of Homophones

Genre: Children’s book

Summary: Witch Tale: A Bewitching Brew of Homophones is a fantastical storyline that uses art and language to reinforce one of the primary canons of children’s literature: homophones, and their use. Homophones are words that sound exactly the same, yet they have different meanings or spellings. This can be daunting for children of any age. Through the magical antics of two little witches, children will be both entertained and educated on their proper usage.

My Opinion: Oh wow, oh honey, I truly loved this book. I recently read this book to my kiddo and we loved it, we have read it multiple times as it is so quirky and seems so new each time we pick it up. It’s quite precise and wisely plotted, I’m so happy that I read and I’m sure this book is going to do wonders.

Good and Bad: The best thing about it is, it’s so interactive and all the kids are going to love it. There are new words to understand and learn through the story which is quite fun!

My favorites from the book:

The homophones of course, even as an adult it was so intriguing and informative.

Target Audience: 4+ kids will love and enjoy it

What to expect: Fun, learnings and discovering new stuff

Final verdict: I will surely recommend it to one and all! Especially to children who are eager to learn and read new things and words!

Rating: 5 /5

Book Name: Collection 1 – Globoanimus

Book Name: Collection 1 – Globoanimus

Genre: Short stories

Summary: A grieving young man is trapped in a wildfire. An author with writer’s block encounters criminal inspiration in Paris. A painter faces heartache in Tunis. A woman faces death in Bangkok. An Old Western tale of forgiveness and vengeance. Brothers cope with illness and history on a remote island in Vietnam. An unexpected romance causes trouble in Belgrade. These are short works of fiction about traveling the world and grappling with questions of art, love, and catastrophe along the way.

My Opinion: I just completed this amazing book and the reason I was attracted to it was the unique title and cover, I knew this book has something unique to serve me and I was correct. This isn’t a mere fictional book, but it’s something that you also might not have encountered before, Nick introduces stories and characters who get your heart as soon as you start reading their story. This book actually showed me a complete different view of life and how it can be different for different kind of people all over the world. The book and it’s content will surely serve different readers differently but if you are a deep thinker who loves relating things then you might discover so much new while reading it, it’s totally a book that’s worth devouring again and all over again.

Good and Bad: I really loved the writing and language, it’s definitely something that attracted me more, it evokes many feelings and connections. The next amazing thing about the book is the uniqueness of course, I am sure it’s gonna be an amazing read for all.

My favorites from the book:

I feel the characters, because not one but many characters will make you think about your own life and the relevance is just so amazing.

Target Audience: I will recommend it to everyone thought it’s quite in depth and a certain maturity is needed to seek the beauty.

What to expect: Experience, a heart touching plots and interactive tales.

Final verdict: I loved it so much, in fact, this book has a lot teach, if you are a curious person and someone who loves going in depth then this book will be your favorite. It’s quite engaging and I will highly suggest it to everyone.

Rating: 4.5 /5

Vanity: Murder In The Name Of Sin

Book Name: Vanity: Murder In The Name Of Sin

Genre: Thriller/ dark fiction/ horror

Summary: Mitokoa, an idyllic, proud little town. Beautiful. Picturesque. Nothing special about it…until a gruesome murder happens in broad daylight in a busy cafe. When Detective Katelyn Rush is sent in to oversee the investigation, she knows nothing about Mitokoa-only its reputation. When she arrives, she soon finds more out of place than a murder. Something else has hit this town, something more horrendous than a killer. Worse still, it doesn’t seem to have left. From the second she arrives, time is ticking-to uncover the murderer, the source of the madness, and the connection between them-before she is swallowed up in the insanity as Mitokoa’s next victim.

My Opinion: Oh my! Oh my! This is exactly the kind of read I was looking for and the book totally turned amazing and as thrilling as expected. The storyline revolves around a small town and murder changes everything, what’s so special about this murder? You will get to know once you read it but let me tell you, you won’t regret reading it, it’s highly captivating from the first page and doesn’t leave you until you are done. I am a thriller fan and this proved a bomb read for me. I can’t get over it, it’s just so good.

Good and Bad: The narration, the storyline and the thrilling factor was so well maintained and I can’t get enough of it. It’s extremely powerful and filled with suspense.

My favorites from the book:

The settings of the storyline is my favourite, it gives those chilling vibe instantly.

Target Audience: Thriller and horror lovers will enjoy it for sure.

What to expect: Thrill, gruesome truths and an unending longing for more.

Final verdict: Just don’t think twice, pick it right away.

Rating: 4.5 /5