Book review: Core Reality Volume 1 Centennial Guard

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Twenty-year-old Eli is conflicted over serving the founding fathers who conspire against the same British Empire his parents died fighting for in the French and Indian War, until a mysterious girl helps him travel to another time and place where he must save the future and the past from an ancient evil that grows in the shadows of liberty.

My Opinion: This truly was such a fast-paced yet fascinating read for me. I rarely read mysterious stories because most of the time they disappoint me but it was so different with this book. It’s a YA mystery but not usual, the storyline is based before the 18th century which makes very gripping especially for eager and enthusiastic readers. Chapter after chapter the chain of events lead to something that was unexpected and it kept me on my seat till the end. I did not lose interest from the story even for a moment. I really appreciate the authors for writing something so different and strong.

Good and Bad: I certainly loved the characters, Eli is my favourite for obvious and I adore how well crafted each were.

My favorites from the book:

The fact that it was so unpredictable and uncertain, makes it more special and I have had formed an indestructible connection with story which makes me love it even more.

Target Audience: Anyone who loves stories with twist, a historical fiction lover would love it too.

What to expect: Twists, uncertainty and touch of history all over.

Final verdict: I would not stop recommending it. I have also read the Volume 5 of the same series and loved it even more. You should certainly get your hands on them asap!

Rating: 4 /5


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