Book Name: Core Reality: Volume 2: Fortuna Encounter

Genre: Thriller/ sci-fi

Summary: Captain Alyx “Flash” Gordon is a washed-out Mars Defense Command veteran assigned to a remote asteroid mining facility where he must face the man that ended his career. With the help of a mysterious gift and new allies, his search for a missing investigator uncovers a civilization-ending conspiracy if Flash and his team should fail.

My Opinion: An absolute pleasure to read this book by one of my favorite authors. This amazing duo made sure to keep the audience and readers very much gripped and it actually pulled me back on my seat very often while I was drenched in its world buildings, I took me some more time because I was very much into details this time. As the book is about amazing small conspiracies and details. I truly had a very memorable time with it.

Good and Bad: I find the characters an absolute ‘Cherry on Cake’ for because nevertheless, they bought so much of life and thrill to the story, I was at times left speechless.

My favorites from the book:

I would say I loved how it begins, so yes it started on such a power packed note that changed the total vibe of the storyline.

Target Audience: Anyone who loves thrillers, sci-fi and captivating stories will enjoy this for sure. You can read this independently even though it’s a part of a series.

What to expect: Thrill, surprises and a lots of twists.

Final verdict: It’s very unpredictable, it’s detailed and enjoyable. I had a great time reading it. I will surely suggest it to my fellow book lovers.

Rating: 5 /5


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